One Breath

One breath is all that it takes.  One at a time.

Just to simply notice and to follow one complete breath.

Recycling Thoughts

Often when we are trying to be still, we have the same distracting thoughts tumbling around in our mind.

Instead of trying to dismiss these thoughts, it a great time to acknowledge them and then bring your focus to how they make you feel.


This is:  The power of awareness gained through each breath


Its an opportunity to go deeper and see whats the real motivator behind them

No Judgement

This process certainly does not create a chance to bring out the inner critic. It’s not about creating blame, shame or pointing fingers at yourself or anyone else for that matter. Awareness and just recognising it for what it is, is all that is necessary.

When a friend tells you whats going on for them, you don’t take a seat as a judge on trial a to pass judgement.  No, you simply listen to what is being said with kindness, gentleness and compassion. It’s time to start treating ourselves with the same kindness and gentleness.

I’ve read recently from Brene Brown – Compassion is being able to sit in the darkness with ourselves and others. When we are able to sit in our darkness or shadows, we are not trying to fix or change – we are simply sitting with what it…. no judgement.




The Breath

We breathe all of the time – it is the one constant element of our life from the moment of being alive it weaves it way through out lives till our last breath.

When you start paying attention to it, you will notice how if changes depending on how we feel from slow, deep relaxed to fast with excitement and then hardly visible with fear. However, whether we pay attention or not, it continues in the background bringing vital oxygen into our bodies and to our cells.

One of the first ways I learnt to focus on the breath was the A B C concept. #Mindfulness

  • Awareness – gently focus your attention
  • Breath –        rest your attention on the part of the breath that is in your awareness
  • Consciously Expand – expand this awareness to your entire body.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Initially we can start a practice with invigorated enthusiasm, but this often dwindles.  To enable a practice to build and integrate fully, start small.  The same time, the same place every day – create positive associations such as follow one breath when you put the kettle on, another when you do the washing up or finish loading the dish washer… Use your everyday activities that you already do and attach your practice to these.


For more guidance on creating practices you can join our Mindful Living program – 6 weeks of recordings to follow and guide you – this starts off simple and short with the view of building this up.  For more information on this click here 



Till next time


Best wishes

Maria ~♥~



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