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Change starts from the inside. 


Life is stressful and busy

With the pressures of everyday life it can feel like you do not have the time to pause, rest and rejuvenate.

We would all like to find ways to increase our feelings of good within ourselves; our physical health, mental clarity and emotional wellbeing.

Our classes and workshops are designed to gently awaken your awareness, and lead you to discover yourself and the truth of our heart.

One to One Consultations

These sessions are tailored to YOU. 



Often a blend of both counselling and coaching.


Every person is different, unique and this includes you. Therefore tailoring these consultations to your specific needs is paramount.

Using a blend of counselling, CBT, Energy and Mindful Coaching techniques including wild coaching when appropriate.

Lets have an initial free consultation to discuss how we can work together.

Self Development




Building your inner peace toolkit.

Life can be tough at times and can throw the odd curve ball which can add to the stresses and fears.

These self development courses give you the tools and techniques that you may need, so that you can take control in helping yourself to reduce your levels of stress, anxiety, and fears in your life.

These include Tapping, Reiki, Mindful Living, Journalling - all designed to empower you to rebalance your self as a whole and increase your emotional wellbeing.

All You Need - In One Place

Classes and workshops

Mindfulness, transformations and re discovering, remembering who we are and what's important to ourselves is a life long journey with moments of opportunity to delve deeper and deeper as the years go on.

Often we get to  a place in life, where we think there must be something more, or our health and stress levels start to become unmanageable and having a huge negative impact on our life.  

Taking those moments to stop - pause and reconnect to you... to whats being shouted from your heart, if only you stop for that moment to listen and also to hear .... can be the start of a truly amazing journey of coming home to yourself.

Can you imagine feeling really ok with yourself, content, peaceful, tranquil, good enough, happy to shine out and to step out to show your world exactly who you are and whats important to you.

When it comes to a loved one, we can often fight for what they deserve and only the best is good enough... but what about you? What are your needs?

These workshops and classes help you to peel back the layers of our years, the layers of moulding to fit in, to not cause conflict or pain, to not ruffle the feathers.

They include the simplest of mindful walks in nature where we use forest therapy techniques to help you simply be, to step out of your busy world and feel just for a short while.

We run mindfulness workshops with specific focusses such as acceptance, forgiveness and compassion and more...

We have day retreats, weekend retreats and 3/4 day residential retreats (these connections are simply the best) They give the opportunity of stepping out of your busy life and lavishing yourself in self care and nourishment whilst in a lovely residential setting. Residential weekends seem to always go so much deeper and are rewarding in ways of deep connection and soul reflection.

We also offer some classes where you can own at your own pace or webinars for those who do not have the capacity to get away. ( see the self development courses for more information)

We have an ongoing free community group that runs every quarter. This group is free to women in the local area .

It is a space that enables us to connect with other like minded people, to discuss, to share, to explore and to support - one complete circle that connects each of us together uniquely and completely.

Lastly, deeper courses run each year and are usually completed over a 10 month period.  Contact me to find out about some of these from pathfinders to leading with your wild heart. In all of these courses; 

We explore, discover and release, we will identify our own unique selves, recognising our good and our authenticity and as we proceed along our pathway, stepping through our vulnerabilities, we will aim to be able to step out and be present as our ourselves, beautiful, shining and true.


All our work is to help support your emotional wellbeing.

One to One Consulations


I think that we all get to a place at some point in our lives, when we want to stop and take stock of who we are, where we are and where we want to be.

Individual consultations are personalised to you and your specific needs. Through our vast experience we are able to intuitively use a range of solution-focused techniques that will benefit you; as opposed to making you fit any specific type of counselling, therapy  or coaching style.

We offer a space to be held whilst you dig deep and start to really listen to the callings of your heart - to discover what you really want for yourself not what you think you should do to fit in or please others -

Its about you being empowered and creating the freedom for you to make your own choices.

It about having the safe place and support in a contained yet completely free way to be able to experience the buried emotions, to express how you really feel without any fear of being judged, feeling inadequate in any way or creating any blame, guilt or shame along the way.

Together we can walk through your journey in a gentle and nourishing way to help you achieve the goals that you want for yourself.

To find you under those layers of armour and proudly step out and be the true you - your magnificent authentic self.

Self Development

Life can be hard at times; the pressures and stresses of life have definitely increased starting from a younger age too. More homework from schooling, more expectations on output from work and the knock on effect that this can have on relationships, families and even further circles of our lives.


The Self-help trainings available give you the tools that can help release day-to-day stresses, anxieties and can really help us to rebalance our lives contributing to our overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing.


These include some foundation training, so that you can apply self treatments, such as Reiki or EFT and some E- courses for you to complete including meditation and mindfulness courses, Self Belief, acceptance, and empowerment courses to teach you how to bring these into your life on a  regular basis.

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