a journey starts with gentle steps

Often our lives are so busy and so full trying to find the time for ourselves can become too hard.

Before we know it – we are at discord with ourselves, lost direction, feel in a rut of mundane, un-nourishing, an energy zapping existence.

We have lost ourselves – we are no longer aligned to our values and even when we start to notice this – it just seems to create even more discord – and our inner critic has a field day!

Sometimes just stepping completely away from the normality of life gives you the chance to just pause and breathe

It will give you the opportunity to reflect and restore and reconnect and align to what's important to you


The added bonus is that these events always attract like minded souls 


On each of these offerings in 2020 we will be a small group of up to 10 people maximum.

We always share these events with small numbers as it gives the opportunity of individual inclusion as well as the benefits of sharing and gaining insights and wisdoms within our community group.

This year for accommodation, I have chosen to leave up to you as this gives the opportunity of camping for a couple of nights or lapping the luxury of  5 star pampering and anywhere in between.

That way you choose how you want to integrate your days.

We will still offer a group meet up in the evening for intentional conversations and to continue our connections.



One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

~ John Muir


A day Retreat to immerse yourself in nature and experience Forest Therapy

Saturday August 15th


Spending time in nature offers many benefits to soothe the mind, body and soul.
It has many scientific studies to support its findings of reduced stress levels, more clarity, more focus, it increases NK cells in the body which can support immune systems and can promote better quality of sleep.
We were never meant to be so disconnected to nature as what we have become today.
The good news is that even a small amount of time in nature can impact positively on our health. A few hours of forest bathing will help you to unplug from technology and slow down.
It will bring you in to the present moment which in turn helps to de-stress and relax you.
When you connect to nature and take the time to use all five of your senses, you begin to draw and feel the vast array of benefits the world of nature provides.

The day starts with a gentle stroll and acquainting ourselves with our environment.

We will engage in a number of practices throughout the day, all designed to involve your senses and give you a deeper experience of immersion with nature.

Walking is a gentle pace and over the day we will cover approx 2 - 4 miles.

  • You should be of a reasonable fitness to be able to endure gentle exercise of walking, seating and stretches

  • Please ensure that you have suitable walking attire including walking shoes/boots, clothing for warmth and or summer heat and any possible wet weather.

We will stop for lunch in the middle of the day - please bring with something to eat, snacks and enough water to see you through the day.


We may not always be near toilets so bear this in mind for any needs that you may have.

£30 per person

To book your place;

Email to request registration :  [email protected]

Make your payment via bank transfer

(details will be sent on receipt of registration form)


Two days in Wiltshire to nourish our minds and souls

12-13th September

These two days are going to be very special.  We will spend the first day at Avebury and soak in the energies that these special stones offer
Avebury is a Neolithic henge monument containing three stone circles, around the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, in southwest England.
One of the best known prehistoric sites in Britain, it contains the largest megalithic stone circle in the world.
Stonehenge tours write "The meaning of the Avebury temple seems instead strongly connected to the great human themes of fertility, life and death. Rich evidence of funerary feasts has been found at the Sanctuary, which was linked by a procession route, the West Kennet Avenue, to the henge. The columnar and triangular stones of this avenue were deliberately paired together. Such a strong sexual symbolism implies a close connection between fertility and funerary rites.
This celebration of the cycle of birth, life and death was a central part of neolithic philosophy which is consistent with the symbolism found in megalithic passage graves of the same period.
We conclude that the rites at Avebury were intended to bring life to the dead and good fortune to the living."

Our first day together we will spend time within these circles to connect with nature, the history and the energy that these circles emit.

We will spend time meditating within the circles, take time to explore within and express our thoughts through journal (word or art).

There will be time during the day to explore the village, Avebury Manor (originally a Benedictine priory) and some of the shops. My personal recommendation is Elements of Avebury. 

We will close our time there with our own circle of ceremony to bring the day together


For our second day we  will explore the delights of Savernake Forest on the outskirts of Marlborough

Savernake Forest contains thousands of veteran oaks, offering the opportunity to stumble upon a remarkable tree around every corner

The history of the forest goes back for a thousand years or more! Its long history has left us with an outstanding legacy of old trees, rich landscapes and diverse habitats.

One of the countries oldest trees, the Big Bellied Oak, is very noticeable on the side of the A346, but a walk into the lovely Savernake Forest is the best way of viewing this ancient tree

The Big Belly Oak is the great grandfather of the historic Savernake trees at about 1,100 years old, taking root at around the time William the Conqueror defeated King Harold in 1066.

We will immerse ourselves within this nature to absorb the many healing properties that the nature world provides.

We will use a number of forest therapy practices to enrich this experience as well as exploring the individual trees that we are drawn to, their teachings and how we can continue to use their elements as earth medicine in our own lives.


This event does not include accommodation or food.

Instead we have left this open for your choice of venue, experience and cost.

There are a number of good Bed and Breakfast and hotels around Marlborugh which is central for both Avebury and Savernake. You may also like to camp.

There are a number of accommodation sites available   Booking.com  

Let me know if you want to share a room and if anyone else does too, I will link you together with your permission.





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Cancellation Policy

Up to 60 days prior to each event, all monies paid less the £10 administration fee are refundable

Up to 30 days prior to the retreat, 50% of monies will be refunded

Within 14 days of the event, no refund will be provided.

If we implement cancellation, we will cheerfully refund all monies paid by you.


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