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This page includes details of various Practitioners; EFT (tapping) Reiki and more. They represent various localities in the UK as well as abroad. Please contact them directly to discuss your needs.


Dawn Gill - South Yorkshire

REIKI - EFT - Stress Management

I like to work with each client individually and tailor my services directly to your needs.

My interests are reducing anxiety, stress management and releasing the burdens that are weighing your down.

Contact Tel:  07986 351 034


EFT, Hypnotherapy

Dominick offers a very thorough online on demand introduction to EFT. This 14-hour course takes students from the very basics of EFT and energy psychology and moves from basic to intermediate to advanced concepts and techniques in EFT practice. By the completion of this education and training seminar students have a high level of proficiency in understanding and in using EFT for their own personal development needs and goals.


I specialise in a Weight Loss / Management Program which uses Hypnotherapy/ psychotherapy. EFT. NLP& coaching
I have been involved in helping children in  school overcome anxiety and have developed a program of assemblies for ages 5 up to 16 years
Interest in ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia and Thyroid issues.
My email is- [email protected]
tel- 07340232368


I've worked with clients to manage bereavement, eating disorders, challenges in life and others that just wanted to optimise self confidence and manifest the best in their lives and career.

I am here to help you in every aspect  of your life!



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