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Nature has so much to teach us

Plants, trees, the tides of the sea, moon cycles all influence and teach us lessons about living, if only we stop to listen.  Nature and Forest Therapy is something that I can been exploring and expanding my work into over recent years. A big lesson that I have learnt along the way is that we were never designed to be so disconnected from the earth as we are now.

As a child, I would spend time in the garden and along the beaches in bare feet.  I would play in the local woodland at the top of the cliffs and I would at least paddle and splash around in the sea. In addition to the sun shining and fresh air blowing gently on my face and body.


This is not by accident; this is the power of healing from mother earth Click To Tweet

Busy Lives

Life has got so fast, these simple and free pleasures can often escape us.  We often talk about the pressures of life, anxieties, stress and the ever increasing ill health; however when do we stop to take that breath and just listen. When you think about it, you already know that when you have been for a nice steady stroll along a beach, through countryside or woodland, you feel better within yourself and feel refreshed; we feel lighter.

This is not by accident; this is the power of healing from mother earth.  Sitting in nature, for me especially around trees, will give you wellbeing benefits without you doing anything else.

Cycles of Life

I have a curiosity and fascination around nature’s cycles and what this can teach us within our own lives.  The moon cycles  can turn an ocean tide, trees root underneath and reach out to each other to communicate and care for each other as one community, the natural seasons of releasing what is no longer needed, conservation, new growth and flourishing. A tree or plant will shed its fruit and leaves without question, it doesn’t wonder if next years growth will be good enough or fruitful enough, it just knows and trusts.

You don’t see in woodland, trees fighting for supremacy, they bend and shape and share the space around them.

Woodland Walks


I took up the invitation a while ago, to switch off all electronics and go out into the forest for a few days.

One of the first things that I can recollect is how secure it felt under the canopy of the trees. The sounds from the road just seems to dull and almost disappear, it felt like I was being cocooned in a haven of comfort.

The longer I spent out there, the deeper this connection was felt. It wasn’t a silent retreat, however each of us seemed to find our stillness within. I noticed how situations that had felt like problems seemed to reveal themselves with more clarity, perspective, acceptance and compassion, enabling me to release the suffering around them.

It was an incredible experience and now a regular occurrence in my life, as much as my life allows. Two hours, on a regular basis, is all that you need.

A chance to join in 

Next year, with the permission of the Woodland Trust, you are able to join one of our seasonal mindful walks | Forest Therapy sessions within he delightful wood plantation of Owlett.  We have specifically chosen one for each season to enjoy with a mindful curiosity the observation of the changes in nature and the different healing each gives.


Till next time

Be Kind to yourself always

Best wishes

Maria ~♥~

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