Rivelin Valley

What is it about nature thats so healing?

We have become more and more disconnected to nature. Our so called progression and evolution in life has moved us away from our basic needs of nature.

More and more over recent years, I have had a pull towards spending time in nature. And when I do,  the inner-peace that embraces me during this time, is all the proof that I need.

Bare Feet

I have been researching and reading study findings and started at a real basic awareness of the impact of wearing shoes.

We are no longer actually connecting to the earth in ways that would have done continuous in the past.

I remember as a child always  being in bare feet – I have to admit that now my feet are so soft that even walking over something mildly uncomfortable feels like a bed of nails are being driven into my foot. I have lost my natural sole.


studies have also found that some trees can help to reduce stress hormones, lower anxiety, and improve blood pressure and immunity Click To Tweet


How does re-connecting to nature help us?

Japanese researchers,  found that people who lived close to forests had significantly lower rates of lung, breast, uterine, prostate, kidney, and colon cancers.

Various studies from all over the world have shown positive benefits including one that it’s conclusion states;

“An association between distance to a green space and health and health-related quality of life was found. Further, the results indicate that green spaces may be of importance in managing stress “. Read this study here


Other studies have also found that some trees can help to reduce stress hormones, lower anxiety, and improve blood pressure and immunity.(Due to invisible chemicals called phytoncides).


There are also studies that show that most of us are now deficient in Vitamin D – the sunlight vitamin due to lack of being out in the air.


Nature and Healing

The Simple things

I can remember a number of years ago, the first time going to a place called Rivelin Valley on the outskirts of Sheffield.

It runs along the roadside and yet when you enter it – you could be a million miles away.

It has a river that flows through it and small waterfalls where the water has carved through the natural stone. Trees that shelter and cocoon you. Glimmers of sunshine and light that bounce off leaves and create dusting rays throughs the branches and millions of diamond sparkles.

The sounds of the leaves whispering in the breeze, the gentle sound of water and the sweetest of bird song massages your ears with a kissing touch . Every rustle, every crack of a twig magnifies in this incredible oasis.

Within minutes you can feel your body relaxing, every strain, every tension just melting away.

The air feels cleaner as you breathe as the nature gives you its purest with ease. You can almost taste the freshness in the air.


nature and healing



Shhh, can you hear it?
Can you hear the sound?
I think I can.

Wait.  First I must thank my mind for weaving thoughts, emotion.
Instantaneously transformed, feelings.
Wait.  First I must thank my intellect for being so smart.
Ideas to fix, evaluate, discriminate.
Wait.  First I must thank my ego for defending with vigilance.
Vast universe, infinite perceived threat.

Gratitude allows silence to emerge!

There it is.
Now I hear it.
The song of divinity, everywhere.

Shhh, can you hear it?

poem by Tim Brieske MD


Just a few minutes a day

I am sure that we can all draw a memory of our own form of oasis.  However we aren’t always able to go out into the woodlands or our oasis’s – but we can go and spend a few minutes in our gardens or a park.

Try it! – try spending at least ten minutes a day and notice the changes

Guided Woodland walk

If you would prefer to join a group to start with, to spend some time in nature and discover ways to connect with nature – we have a mindful woodland walk in May. Read more Here



Be Gentle with yourself

Be Kind, always

Best wishes

Maria ~♥~

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