No matter where you are you, you can sometimes feel off balance and flighty.

Brief Exercise

This is a quick and easy and you can do this anywhere.

Simply follow these steps in your minds eye.

Imagine that you are sat leaning against a large old tree. Allow this sensation to come to you, if you can.

Feel your feet firmly on the ground and really feel them connect with this solidness.

Take a deep breath in and release this as slowly and smoothly as you can .

Bring your attention back to your tree and notice how this tree is supporting you.  See if you can notice in your visualisation the roots of the tree coming out at the base, like feet. And see if you are aware of what type of tree you have chosen, what does it look like, smell like, how big is it? Does it remind you of a tree you once knew?

Next, feeling the earth beneath your feet, imagine there are roots that are coming out to the soles of your feet and seeping into the earth to intertwine with the tree roots.

Imagine them getting deeper and deeper into the earths core. And if you can, see if you can almost feel a sense of pulling from the earth to your feet.

Notice if your feet feel heavy at all or if they feel like they are glued to the ground at this moment in time. How warm or cold are they right now?

Spend a few moments to experience this sensation, then when you are ready, bring your focus to your breath and take a few deep breaths again focussing on a slow and smooth release.

Finish this exercise when you are ready to do so.


Our next mindfulness class is February 29th in Doncaster

Till next time

Be kind always

Maria ~♥~


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