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Slide Hello, have you ever wondered what meditation is all about and how it can benefit you? Slide Meditate for Better Health - calming and centring Meditate to Sharpen your mind - living mindfully Meditate to be more aware of your body and mind
- healing body and mind
Meditate to balance your emotions -love and compassion Meditate to heal psychological problems - problem solving Meditate to contemplate the mysteries of life
- manifesting our dreams
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Meditation - Kind Words

A recent testimonial received following a Meditation course.

Thank you so much for the fabulous Meditation course. It's been a great ' trip'  

—feeling peaceful.

“If you have time to breathe you have time to meditate. You breathe when you walk. You breathe when you stand. You breathe when you lie down”. – Ajahn Amaro

Meditation is a state of awareness. Focusing on your breath is a meditation, listening with purpose to the birds is a meditation – as long as these actions are free from other distractions of the mind … then this is meditation.

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Formal meditation has many different ways to achieve the same end result. From breathing techniques, using mantras to focus the mind, following an array of guided visualisations or journeys, or simply just quieting the mind and body and allowing yourself to just be – going with your flow.

Informal meditations can bring you joy in totally different ways. Relaxing the body, relaxes the mind. Some people state that gardening is their meditation or complete their meditations whilst jogging or walking.

The practice of meditation is now being documented as having balanced benefits to individuals and it is about finding the way that you can introduce this into your life and expanding it from there.

We offer courses that give you the opportunity to try out a number of different formal practices as well as suggestions for informal practice during the week.

This course is also available as an online package.

Recordings can be made specifically for you, or you can purchase any of the recordings available for download.



I often work 1:1 for both meditation and mindfulness - this enables us to explore and tailor your practice specifically to what works for you


Mindfulness is a practice, which cultivates a self-kindness and compassion, awareness, acceptance, gratitude and gentleness.


It is not letting go or trying to do this or that….its about doing nothing…to not try…to just be accepting of what is and know that this is exactly as it should be right now…the perfect imperfectness of now and in this time and space.  Read More HERE


If You Would Grow - Shine the Light Of Loving Self-Care On Yourself


If you would grow to your best self

Be patient, not demanding

Accepting, not condemning

Nurturing, not withholding

Self-marveling, not belittling

Gently guiding, not pushing and punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know

Mankind is as tough as war yet delicate as flowers

We can endure agonies but we open fully only to warmth and light

And our need to grow Is as fragile as a fragrance dispersed by storms of will

To return only when those storm are still

So, accept, respect, and attend your sensitivity

A flower cannot be opened with a hammer.

By: Daniel F. Mead


Mindfulness formal courses are available as both 4 week and 8 week formats.

(There is also an additional Mindful Living course - which focuses on non formal activities and helps you to adopt more present moment focus in your life)

The four weeks enables you to experience exercises and practices to start cultivating a mental state to become more aware and live in the present moment instead of automatic pilot, the past or the future.

It enables us to start acknowledging our thoughts, feelings and sensations whilst cultivating a kindness and compassion for others and ourselves.

It enables us to start being able to observe and reflect, giving us a different perspective and options to deal with challenges in all aspects of life.


The 8 week course expands and deepens on this learning and your practice and brings us to a whole concept of acceptance, allowance and letting be.  READ MORE HERE


“Acceptance is seeing with your heart and not your eyes”



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