Inspired by an article in this months Science of Mind magazine by Ellen Castro entitled “Life is a choice” – it was one of those thought provoking stories that allows you to really turn within and ask yourself the questions of what do I do to help create this life?


We all have a story – we all have events in our lives that the other person involved probably can not even remember it as it so insignificant to them – they may not even know that it happened, but we hold on to it so tightly – forming beliefs and limitations from it…… you know the throw away comment that has defined us!… That we have chosen to live our lives by….

208Irrespective of our earlier life experiences – we still have a choice today – a choice of continuing to let the past define us… living on an auto response – stuck and unable to forgive ourselves for keeping ourselves there

Life is a choice….. we can also choose to change and step forward –  into what is real for us – what nourishes us – what makes us feel alive…  So why don’t we?


I can choose to let it define me, confine me, refine me.... OR I can choose to move on and leave it behind me Click To Tweet


One of the questions posed in this article was “Do you extend compassion and forgiveness to yourself? and If your forgiveness factor is low, what is the payoff for staying angry?”

It is easy to remain in the past, even though this may limit us and may keep us is pain – its familiar, its a comfortable feeling and we can often have ownership of these feelings.

But what if…. what if you dared to be even greater than you already are?

What if you forgave yourself in the knowledge that you have always done the best that you could given the resources that you had at that time…..

What if you realised that actually there was nothing to continue berating yourself for  – you are just choosing to live differently now – limitless – free – inspired by your possibilities and trusting in your life and its journey, Believing in your Joy!

For those of you that enjoy contemplation through meditation, journalling or just by being….. have a ponder on those topics for you…..What if

and remember:

Life has choices……  Why would we not choose joy?



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