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I have been reading a lot about trees and nature. Their wisdoms, myths, legends and folk lore as well healing properties and spirits of trees and nature. In this process I came across an article written by Neil Baldwin on tree traits and which tree you resonate with and what is has to teach us.

I have already written a post about Beech Trees  (previous journey note) and therefore wanted to take this opportunity to expand on this and post Neil’s findings about the Beech Tree and personality traits


Tree Traits – The Beech Tree

Beech: Sensitivity
Easily recognizable and distinctive, its smooth grey bark looks like an elephant leg in the forest. Beech has sparsely-toothed oblong leaves that sometimes stay attached into winter like light-brown paper fans. Tiny, angular beech nuts, food for many animals, are often found widely scattered underneath.

Beech is highly shade-tolerant, able to continue growing beneath the canopy of other trees. As such, growth is slow and particularly affected by trees and the environment which surrounds it.

Unlike other trees’ bark that gets thicker and furrowed with age, Beech bark does not change much in appearance.  It is thin and retains signs of injury or distress. Bears love Beech nuts and their climbing scratches are etched into the tree’s history. Lovers who have carved their initials into a Beech tree return decades later to see them almost as clearly as the day they inscribed them.


Do you have a calm outer appearance and find you are inevitably touched in an enduring way by the people and events around you?

Are you more the type to nourish and sustain others than to rise above them and deplete their light?

Perhaps you share characteristics of the Beech?

Due to Beech’s ability to grow in locations overshadowed and accompanied by other trees, it is often found in the final stage of forest succession.

If you are a Beech, you may be one of those people who remain quietly and steadfastly in the company of others as they grow and mature.

Beech is about stillness, peace, and grace, but with that comes a deep sensitivity to what is happening around you.

Like the bark which holds scars, and leaves which persist into winter, perhaps emotional experiences (and wounds) tend to stay embedded in you.

If your reminiscence of feelings tends to be deep-seated, this may be another sign Beech is your tree.


Beech Tree

Forest Walks

Anyone who spends substantial time among trees knows they can affect body, mind, emotions and soul in myriad ways.

Have you found that certain types of trees affect or attract you more than others?

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More about Neil

Neil Baldwin has recently retired from a 27-year career as a Counsellor at a major public college near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Neil holds an eclectic collection of experience, training.Credentials include M.Ed. (Counselling), B.Sc. (Psychology), Master Naturalist Certificate  and most recently completed a Yoga Alliance CYT-200 teacher training program.

Neil lives off-grid, in a home powered by solar energy, surrounded by 50 acres of woodlands. He welcomes guests to this unique space for Airbnb stays and personal retreats. To learn more:


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