Home is where the heart is
Home is where the heart is

You will have heard the expression “home is where the heart is” and I have to say that this could not be a truer statement.

Home is the comfort within our own being, our true essence and deep peaceful connection within our own hearts. It’s the place where there is no pretence, no judgement, no criticism, just pure acceptance and kindness. And it’s also that place where you instinctively point to on your body when you are expressing me or I.

We spend so much of our lives trying to belong, trying to fit in, trying not to upset or cause conflict and pleasing our outside worlds, that when we look within; when we check in with ourselves, we often do not even know how we feel.

Often, we can tell ourselves how it should be, how we think it will feel acceptable to our outside world.  But actually stepping into that emotion and connecting with how we feel, can often leave us feeling either overwhelmed or indeed underwhelmed.


Feeling over or under whelmed

There have been so many times in my life when I have made decisions about things, not because of how they will nourish me or fulfil me; but purely based on the fears of what others may think or the many limitations that we all tend to put on ourselves through our lives.

I have said yes to going to places that have filled me with dread. Have stepped back in situations to give others time even though I also needed comfort and have even tried not to show my grief in front of siblings to hold their pain even though my heart was in tatters. In these times I  have told myself that I am not deserving or worthy to have feelings, so have hidden myself away in the shadows of shame, so I could not be seen.


But none of this serves us, none of this nourishes us and none of this shows any compassion to the one person who needs it most. This constant disregard for our own needs and constant people pleasing is so damaging to our own lives and being.


Home is where the heart is


Starting the journey

So for me, the journey had to start. It was time to find my way home. I could not ignore the calls any longer.

This inner journey of self-discovery; remembering or finding out for the first time, who I am, what I need, what I feel, my desires, my hopes, my purpose and my passions. My journey of connection. Learning that the only connection that we truly need in life is the one with ourselves and with mother earth.

Understanding that once we accept and love ourselves, we can feel so content, at peace and comfortable in our own inner being and then almost as an added bonus, the high levels of importance that were previous set for others loving and accepting us, starts to gently dwindle away.


I am so glad that I heard my calls to find my way home. To find my way to me. Remembering that home is where the heart is.

If you would like help on your journey, we offer a variety of ways to work including individual sessions tailored to your needs


Remember to be kind to yourself

Best wishes

Till next time


Maria ~♥~

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