Tapping: A great technique that you can learn how to use for yourself

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT

Learning EFT has never been easier. 

The pathway of learning starts with the learning how to use tapping on yourself. 

Learning to use EFT on yourself is vital prior to using this technique with others and this course enables you to do just that.

When ready, the next level is training teaches you to use these techniques in a professional capacity as a Practitioner. 

Finally, after considerable experience and knowledge there is the opportunity to train as a trainers trainer.

All certification is awarded by Chi-Ki Coaching and Training.

EFT Training - Kind Words

A recent testimonial received following EFT and Positive EFT training. 
Thank you Dominick!

" It was a real pleasure and an honour to have been instructed and mentored by Maria in the AMT training programmes for the EFT Master Practitioner and the EFT Positive Practitioner Programmes!

I connected right away with Maria's teaching style. She has a real ability to make concepts and theory come alive for the student and become easy to understand and applicable to what is being learned and practiced. 

Her knowledge and skills are of the highest level not only related to EFT but in many other related areas such as psychology, human behaviour and relationships and much more.

She is extremely gifted in sensing energies and in teaching her students how to sense and work effectively with energy. 

She is truly a Master Energist who willingly shares and imparts her knowledge in the most effective ways.

After working with Maria one comes away with a solid understanding of the learning materials as well as a real foundation of the skills needed to begin their journey into the world and work of Energy EFT !

She also imparts in the students a real respect for energy work and for the ethics of the AMT.

I am blessed to have found her and to have had the opportunities to learn Energy EFT from her!

I highly, and without reservation, recommend her to anyone who is considering or feels called to modern day energy work and Energy EFT !

" Maria is a + 10 Instructor/Trainer !! "

Dominick L. Flarey, Ph.D, RN, ANP-BC 
Certified EFT Master Practitioner
Certified Positive EFT Practitioner

Chi-Ki Holistic Health

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EFT Training

Recent comment by Maxine Wright about her training and EFT Master Practitioner.

Hi, I did this training, live online, earlier this year and it is truly amazing. Maria is a fantastic and totally supportive coach, who takes you through the course step by step My life has changed dramatically due the skills that I've learnt since my EFT Master Practitioner course and now I'm starting my own business as an EFT Practitioner. I would recommend this to all...for your own personal growth and professionally, Thank you Maria xxx

I have recently learnt EFT with Maria, so that I can use this for myself and my daughter.

I have tried it before, but didn't keep going with it.

Maria has given me easy guidance and the confidence to use this in a mindful way.

I am loving it and can already feel a difference in my life.

Thank you K, Durham.

Are you ready to train with me? - click on the button so we can discuss your training needs.

Are you ready to train with me? - click on the button so we can discuss your training needs.

What is EFT

What is EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as Tapping.

There are so many people today that have poor health or emotional baggage clouding their lives.  People often state that they feel stuck and resign themselves to a lifestyle that attracts emotional traumas, sadness, a feeling of just existing, feeling empty inside, chronic physical pain, anxious and sometimes leading to compulsions and addictions.


Past clients have told that they are fed up of feeling this way, of being dismissed as they don’t fit in to conventional treatments and feeling that they have lost all their power over how they feel.


The thought of being able to feel like they are thriving, flourishing, feeling peaceful, joyous and alive is a distant dream.


That’s where EFT comes in.  EFT can help you feel alive, free, joyous, at peace and energised.


Tapping enables you to take your own emotional wellbeing into your own hands and your self-power. It works by treating the disruption of the flow of energy in our body.


It’s easy to master and Anyone can do it!


EFT uses the same healing concepts that are based upon the ancient eastern practices.  Like acupuncture, acupressure; EFT uses the body’s subtle energies and meridians as reported to be mapped out by the Ancient Chinese Shoalin and Taoist monasteries over 5,000 years ago. .


By tapping on the specific points on the body we stimulate the energy through these meridians, which quite literally taps into our body’s own energy and healing power.


This easy, yet highly effective technique can increase your overall wellbeing and enable you to feel energised, more powerful, more creative and free to really be alive.


“Your body is more powerful than you could ever imagine”


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Who Does it Benefit?



Emotional Freedom can help anyone improve his or her emotional wellbeing.


When we ignore our emotions, this distress can affect our mind and body and eventually display as physical pain. This is true pain; we can feel it, even though it has originated from an emotional source.


Tapping can help the following, this list is by no means complete or exhaustive. Gray Craig (developed EFT) states – Tap on everything!


  • IBS





How Does it Work?



It was thought in the past that a negative emotion was created by simply a memory or thought that was distressing.

Furthermore it was thought that every time that thought or memory came into our minds then a negative emotion would be evoked and the therapy available would then involve trying to undo that specific thought or memory.

Dr Callaghan put a further step into this process and showed that it is the body’s response to this thought or memory that disrupts the energy flow in our body, which causes the negative emotion.

(Described like a short circuit in the system)

Therefore by treating this middle step, calming and relieving this disruption and allowing an even flow of energy in the body, will enable the person not to have any further pain or negative emotion from the original memory or thought.

All negative emotions are felt through a disruption of the body’s energy. This includes physical pain and disease that have derived from emotional sources.

All our systems; energy, mind and physical bodies provide us with feedback and alerting us that something is wrong. The mind and body interconnect all of the time and feelings though out each system can be felt . So the body must be approached as a whole. You cannot simply eradicate the physical symptoms if you have not dealt with the root cause

Tapping restores the body’s energy balance, and increase the flow of energy through the disruption in the energy body. The better the flow, the more balance has been restored and the better we feel.

The procedure is simple. . .

You will sit back comfortably and we will use a tapping technique on the body's energy meridian endings whilst focusing on the problem or the resource needed for solution.

This in turn, will release the distress or disturbances in the energy system and return the flow of energy to "even flow" and restore balance in the body.

The technique is simple, works rapidly and effectively and anyone can use it.

Using affirmations with EFT techniques, not only helps to neutralise negative emotions but also helps to raise your level of positive energies.

To experience a treatment; contact me or have a browse of other EFT Practitioners that you can contact by clicking here.

Are you ready to train with me? - click on the button so we can discuss your training needs.

Are you ready to train with me? - click on the button so we can discuss your training needs.

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