Anxiety & Fears!

Hi there

I know for so many people, so much has changed in personal circumstances so quickly.

This brings with it fears, uncertainty and anxiety.

It is now, more than ever that our own self care, our own meditation and grounding practices are a necessity in our lives.

Over these coming months I am going to be offering free meditations, journalling & connection sessions, self expressions via lives, video conferencing and more.


I also have a variety of recordings on soundcloud – this is a free app and well worth setting up an account for yourself – there’s lots on there



Remember to

Bring yourself back to your breath often and into your body.

Focus on the solutions as what ever you focus on expands

Increase your gratitude practice – I have just started an alphabetical gratitude on our women’s group (I will extend that out)

Take time to ground yourself morning and evening at least

If you can – Get out in Nature – Nature Heals the soul.



You can sign up for our journey notes (you will be offered a free ebook too)  to be kept informed of different free sessions  click here

We also have some free resources to explore – click here


Lets stay connected and be together

Look forward to meeting you in one of the lives

Best wishes

May you be healthy, May you be safe

Maria x

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