Residential retreats are a special time for you.

There really is something about not having to worry about others for just a short while.

Not having to clock watch, not having to worry about stepping back into your normal life later and not having to worry about what else needs to be done today.

Knowing that this time is for you and nobody wants anything from you and nobody needs anything from you.

You can leave all of that at the door and concentrate simply on you.

It’s like taking your heavy burdened coat off – you can always put it back on when you leave – but here and now is all about you.


Going to a retreat, relinquishing all responsibility for others and focussing on YOU

is the biggest gift you can give yourself.


We are all often so busy running around worrying about everyone else’s needs,  that sometimes when we think about what do I want to do to make me feel good, what do I need?  Actually we don’t know!  It’s like a distant memory that is so far down on our priority list;  that it can no longer be heard.


Well this is the time.





Tools and Techniques

You may have and use lots of tools. These can include meditation, yoga, exercise or journaling.

However,  life can get in the way and you just never seem to get the time to put them into practice.

Often emotional wellbeing retreats offer a great opportunity to re ignite the benefits of spending a little time for you.

It can give you useful techniques that don’t take all day to achieve, practise time throughout your time away and ways to integrate them into you life moving forward.

Short meditations, journaling, mindfulness and grounding techniques all offer magnificent improvements to our wellbeing from health benefits to sleep to our own healing systems being restored and balanced.


Safe Containers

These circles for women provide a safe container for deep meaningful conversations, they provide the safety net to make it safe to look within and to have an honest review and reflection and re-alignment to our purpose, needs and aspirations.



The friendships that we make in such a short time (helps that we all tend to be like minded) are usually long lasting and deep. There is a connection that runs through a residential community like an invisible thread holding everyone together for years to come.



Self Discovery

Not to mention the connection that is created within ourselves. Connecting through mediations, self enquiries, focussed sessions, creative integration and deep meaningful conversations.  Sometimes we just need this time out to come home to ourselves again.



The wisdom that is held within the room and the deep experiences shared are transformational, inspirational and humbling all rolled into one. It is the perceptions of others that can bring clarity to a situation. Enabling us to see specific situations in a whole new light.



So, for me, residential retreats are a must. They are not a luxury. They are essential in being able to re-align ourselves to ourselves. To rebalance ourselves and to recognise our path in accordance with our own values.


Join us at our retreat in Beverley

3 nights are just long enough to be away and let the magic soak into us whilst not being so long away from our family lives.

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Next date available 4th – 7th October (just 2 spaces left)


Remember, always be gentle with yourself

Best Wishes

Maria ~♥~


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