What do you really think that you deserve

Within our minds, when asked the questions do you deserve to have x y z or to feel x y or z – we can often say YES

However, as much as that is logical – do we really believe that.

Do we really believe that our own self care, our own levels of wellbeing do come above others?

Or do you think that you need to do something first to earn the right of “self indulgence”


Self Sabotage

How often have you been doing really well at your meditation practice, or even drinking the recommended level of water each day.


Then you start to recognise the benefits of this dedication…. then what? – thats right you are feeling so good – you stop doing it or you may start off by missing the odd day here and there, which ends up being longer gaps, until you stop completely.


How many times have you done that to yourself; be it with a diet or a fitness regime or time for yourself, a walk in nature – what ever it has been for you.

Do you recognise yourself in this behaviour?


Earning your worth

Alternatively, have you really wanted something that was going to be just for you. Have you set yourself a target that you have to do x y or z to achieve it? Even on a day to day basis – I will do this amount of work and then I can have….

Or have you bought yourself something and almost hidden it from yourself let alone everyone else,  because you feel guilty of the extravagence.



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Exploring your beliefs

So the question is, where do these beliefs come from?

What deep rooted beliefs do you hold about deserving, being worthy or having to earn your worthiness.

If you think about that and ask yourself the question internally – what’s the answer or the thoughts that come into your mind?

Did you simply answer the question or did you think back to a scenario from when you were younger than today?

Useful to remember the RAIN exercise for this too


Then, if you can, let your logical mind take over – do you still believe this today?

If you allow yourself to think about it in reality today – do you still need to play out these beliefs – do they even hold true for you today?



Weeding out the old

This really is a life time process.  Its recognising when we play out sabotaging or limiting behaviours and take the opportunity to spend a few moments to explore within.  What is it? where does it come from? does it hold true for me today?

Then the choice is yours!

You now know and you can continue the old thoughts and beliefs or you can make a conscious decision to change them.

A thought is just a thought and it really can be changed.  Take one small step at a time



We learn things new all of the time that evolve our thoughts and decisions on things.  Take a simple mobile phone – those that are old enough – how many of you said that you didn’t want a smart phone. You just want a phone to do what it says on the tin! To be able to get hold of people if required.  Then when you got a smart phone, well simply didn’t look back!

Thats changing your mind on a belief !

Thats evolving when you re look at the facts in front of you! and that ok! thats expanding your mind and being flexible enough to move forwards to where you are today and the needs of your life today.


You own thoughts and beliefs around how you feel, your worthiness, how lovable you are, whether you are good enough on multiple layers – this  can evolve too.  You too can grow into a changed thinking process and this too is ok to move forwards into where you are today.



Treat yourself with actions of being worthy of love and respect and show others how to treat you too.



Remember to be gentle with yourself

and be Kind always

Best wishes

Maria ♥




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