Using Mindful Compassion to Tame Mind Chatter

We all have mind chatter, thats normal, but is how much mind chatter we have and whether these chatters are supportive, motivational and loving or creating doom and gloom……

It is said (something that I quote all of the time!) that we have approx 90,000 thoughts a day – thats a lot of thoughts – around 85% of these are repeated form yesterday, the day before that and the day before that too……

Bearing in mind only 10% of our thoughts are in our consciousness – so this is a limited number that we are even aware of….. if most those thoughts are supportive, motivating and loving – how well do you think we would be functioning, living, be feeling totally alive and in love with life? We would be pretty sorted really…..

When you think about it – even that limited amount of thoughts that we can be possibly aware of….. how much are we really aware of… how much just rabbles on it the back ground without us really listening to the words…… and if these thoughts are repeated day in, day out…. how many of them are just habitual…

Now cast your mind back to when you first looked in the mirror this morning….. did you smile on seeing yourself – wish your self good morning… say

“Hey beautiful – how are you feeling this morning – what can I do for you today that going to make your smile from the inside out – thats going to make you feel so loved and special…..? ”

No? is this not what you said?

was it more like –

“oooh – oh dear! you look rough! eewww my skins dry…. my lips are cracked….”  did you take one look and pick on everything that you could to find fault.

If we listen to our thoughts, our inner words – we really are not that nice to ourselves and when we think about that and think about how we would like to treat ourselves – I am sure it would be far better than we actually do!

So this is where mindfulness comes in – firstly, mindfulness can really help with raising your awareness –

and as we all know, you can’t change anything that you are not aware of!

And you can get curious, and listen – really listen – listen in a way that helps to identify the really needs… and put actions in accordingly

You could observe and notice how your words and thoughts make you feel –

You could give yourself more acceptance, more gratitude and more compassion……. because actually we deserve this.  It is so easy to continue to berate ourselves, so easy to blame ourselves and to feel guilt and shame…. but how much of this is fiction and

how much is fact. How much is our own thoughts, dramatise the facts, play the “what if” game  allowing our fears to play the central roles….


Learning to become aware of our constant mind chatter, allows us to make the changes,  to be non judgemental of ourselves, to be more accepting and more compassionate – simply to be kinder to ourselves…


Take a few minutes at the end of each day to think about all the good that you have achieved, all those moments to be cherished in your heart and all the smiles and laughter – what we focus on expands.  Focus on the negatives and this is what you will have more of – focus on the good things and like wise – this will expand and grow bigger in your life.

Take a few minutes to simply breathe deeply – focus on your intentions – your values – allows yourself to feel this expansion from within – and bring to mind all the things that you have done today that align with this.



Best wishes


Maria ~♥~


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