We use affirmations all day long – we spend our lives affirming through our thoughts exactly what we want to come into our lives…..

and when we give that some thought –  we all realise that we are affirming for all the negative things as well as the good.

If you stop just for a moment and think about that and then take some time to ponder…

What is it that I do want in my life …?    What would truly make me happy, joyful and complete?

That is actually such a hard question!

We all know in reality the nice home, the nice car or cars – holidays etc provide only excitement of achievement or should I say attainment for a short while –

Then we are back with same elements that are those missing links…..  So what are they?


What is it that you need at a deep level that will make your life the best it can be for you?


What is it that you need at a deep level that will make your life the best it can be for you? Click To Tweet


Coming back to affirmations, when we use them consciously to bring into our lives what it is that we want and need to enhance our life in the nicest ways…..  they work really effectively…. however as we have already established making a list of 10 things to consciously work on can prove quite difficult. Give it a try.


Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfil them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves

~ Pierre Tielhard de Chardin 1881 – 1955


Reading that – it reminds me that everything starts from within – from the heart and when our heart is balanced, content and fulfilled – the rest of our lives can just flow.


So when you start looking at your list of things to work on  – the list of what it is that you want to create in your life – remember that it is mostly about your heart and if you can – start from within.

Be specific and be direct – make sure its not a list of what you don’t want – be crystal clear in describing what you do want and say it out loud.

Think about your health, your wealth, your friends and family, your time, your work, your self care, your happiness and joy. Think about the the things that make you smile, belly laugh and how that enriches your heart…. what are those real tangible things that makes you feel real.

I would love to hear how you get on

Comment below or contact me directly.




We have a beautiful circle that meets once a month in Brigg.  The connection that this group is creating is getting deeper each month.

We have a different focus each meeting that delves into our own self – gives us the space and support to look within safely using the philosophies of Louise L Hay (Heal Your Life® work)

You are welcome to join any of these – Book directly with The Steel Rooms in Brigg.



Next year we are starting a full year program – again meeting monthly where we will complete a full pathway journey from being lost in darkness to being able step out and shine our light. We will journal, use mandalas, art (journals), mediations, deep conversations and most of all be nourished by our deep supportive connection of our own tribe.  We delve into our values and beliefs, recognise our own unique gifts, discover our courage, our purpose – what song it is that we are meant to sing whilst finding our companions along the way. Please contact me for details or to book on to this – this will only be open for a limited number of people.



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