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Life can be so fast


Life really can be fast… too fast!   I wanted to share this story with you….. I have been working with someone recently to try and reduce stress and anxieties. Some of the practices within that have been to mindfully slow down and become aware, observe and get curious with everything thats around them. So,…

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Nature and Healing and how it can benefit us.

Rivelin Valley

What is it about nature thats so healing? We have become more and more disconnected to nature. Our so called progression and evolution in life has moved us away from our basic needs of nature. More and more over recent years, I have had a pull towards spending time in nature. And when I do,…

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Pausing for Connection – A moment of Meditation

Heres my latest publication in The Counsellors Cafe Therapy magazine  READ IT HERE IN THE MAGASINE Read on below for a copy of this article. Pausing for connection – a Moment of Meditation  October 6, 2018 We hear so much about self-care these days and I guess that’s all well and good, however when do…

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A simple way to break a bad habit

A simple way to Break a Bad Habit – written by Shamash Alidina Sept 2017 ( Shamash is Mindfulness (Kindfulness) Teacher, Author and International Speaker.     Psychiatrist and addiction expert Judson Brewer was told by his meditation teacher: all you need to do is every time your mind wanders is bring it back to…

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Mindful Living: Acceptance or survival?

Self Acceptance and Self Love are definitely the ultimate acts of Self Care….. However…   How do you get from pain and anguish and protecting yourself to actual acceptance?   There are many stories around acceptance and one that stands in my mind, was about a lady who was a victim of repeated domestic violence…

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Why Mindfulness Matters

Why Mindfulness Matters…. a great topic!   As you are aware, I like to bring you some blogs and articles from other writers as well as myself from time to time and this next article is a good read from John Parrott.   John writes “Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword over the…

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What does surrendering mean to you?

This is a topic that has been brought to my attention a number of times in recent weeks.   The word surrender can conjour up so many different meanings for us all – depending on our experiences in life to date.   I can remember play fighting with my siblings as a child and having…

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Do you trust yourself?

Wow theres a question! Its not actual a random one – this question has been swirling around in my mind since I was invited to join a mindfulness community to reconnect to your trust  – the answer to the invitation was a huge fat yes! – it was led by some of the worlds leading…

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