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Resolutions from within

Resolutions Have you made any New years resolutions? ¬†Are you a person who does? And do you stick to them? There is almost an expectation that a New Years resolution should be made and usually the action we resolute to take is entrenched with guilt, shame and blame…. diets, alcohol, smoking, get fit, stop this…

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Manifesting your Dreams

At various times throughout the year, I love to offer free material and Christmas is ideal. It is also an obvious choice as we come to the end of this year, to review how well it’s gone and look at any unfinished concerns. It gives us time to clear out all that is no longer…

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Explaining Affirmations

I am often asked about the benefits of affirmations and in reality we affirm all of the time – unfortunately if you listen to your thoughts and that constant rambling in your mind – most of what we are affirming for is negatives and not positives – so affirmations in itself is something that we…

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