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Notes of Nature…….

This week saw our baby blackbirds fledge and two out of the three are currently roosting in our garden too! I am a little bit like a highly strung granny making sure they are all safe – jumping up every time the adults start squawking just in case there is a cat around and they…

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The 4 Attributes of Empathy

So often we see our friends go through so much pain and suffering, and our immediate response is one of wanting to “fix” everything and make it all “ok” for them – to remove the pain from them. However this is not our place to change or fix something for someone else – what we…

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Being kind to you…..

Journey note rambles…….. Being kind to yourself today When your loved one, child or friend does something good or something that they are proud of…… I am sure that you are really good at listening to their every word, enthusing and lavishing them with genuine praise…. Today I invite you to do this for yourself…

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