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Its OK to rest

I am back after a week with my father – doing absolutely nothing! In the past the only times that I have done so little is when I have been ill – the times in my life when I have been so mentally and physically exhausted that my body has taken over and forced me…

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Life has choices…. why not choose Joy?

Inspired by an article in this months Science of Mind magazine by Ellen Castro entitled “Life is a choice” – it was one of those thought provoking stories that allows you to really turn within and ask yourself the questions of what do I do to help create this life?   We all have a…

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Stop shoulding on yourself!

I have recently came across a picture post on Facebook which was a To be list rather than a to do list….. It really resonated and I realised later that it was still in my mind…. So, firstly I had a few moments of silent contemplation just simply asking myself – my inner wisdom and…

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