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Seeing the beauty behind the eyes

Ive have recently been listening to Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach  – both of which I love listening too. One of the podcasts that I have listened to is called seeing the goodness – and talks about how we cultivate loving kindness and one way is to see the beauty behind the eyes of each…

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What does surrendering mean to you?

This is a topic that has been brought to my attention a number of times in recent weeks.   The word surrender can conjour up so many different meanings for us all – depending on our experiences in life to date.   I can remember play fighting with my siblings as a child and having…

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Seeds of thought…..

I have been hosting a number of programs recently from talks to self help training and coaching circles for discussions and creative journalling…… For each class – I spend hours contemplating, researching, contemplating some more, meditating and journalling….. I love these moments – getting really curious – one seed of thought leading to another –…

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