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Remembering who we are.

I am delighted and proud to be writing each month of 2019 in Sibyl Magazine – a worldwide magazine for women written by women. (click on the link to gain a free sample copy of this publication). Published article in ┬áSibyl Magazine By Me.   Do you remember who you are? Who you really are?…

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Singing your song…..

I came across this following story today – and for me it really brings home how much remembering our identity, loving ourselves and our community and singing our song – singing from our true authentic voice – is so important to each and every one of us……   Of all the African tribes still around…

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Hardwired for Connection

It is reported that social isolation is killing us…… Research finds that social connection improves physical health, psychological well-being and even longevity. Lack of social connection is as detrimental to our health as smoking. Neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman explains that through his studies he’s learned that our kryptonite is ignoring the importance of our social superpowers…

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