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Modern Stress Management

I believe it is true to state that everyone has stress in their lives - the difference is the level, the length of time and how it is managed or released.



NHS Choices describes stress on their website as the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure.  They state that pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope and people have different ways of reacting to stress.

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When you are under stress the body responds in the appropriate way by releasing chemicals and hormones in order to prepare the body to be able to react to the immediate stress - which could be fight, flight or freeze. This is a normal response and in small doses can actually help you perform in heightened situations. Physical symptoms may include your heart pounding faster, muscles tightening, blood pressure rising, breath quickening and your overall senses becoming sharper.



When is Stress too much?

Stress effects both the mind and body.  It usually builds up slowly and therefore we can adjust and get used to these changed feelings and in doing so enable it to take hold and cause some of the ill effects widely known from stress.


Being aware of your own stressed state is the first step of being able to make changes in your life.


This Modern Stress Management workshop is designed by Silvia Hartmann of The Guild of Energists and helps you to take a step back and assess your stresses and how you can cope with them to your advantage

Chi-Ki Holistic Health

Discover your journey from Stress to Success


  • Find out what raises your own energy.
  • Learn your triggers and what actions you can take.
  • Discover how empowering your future self can impact positively on you today.
  • Understand bubble power and how relationships affect you.
  • Design your new goals and your own personalised journey to s
  • Discover how to use these techniques to achieve your goals.


A One Day workshop (or 4 evening classes Live online): 


  • Unit 1     An introduction to MSM (Modern Stress Management)
  • Unit 2     Understanding People & Stress
  • Unit 3     MSM and Relationships
  • Unit 4     Amazing Futures


This workshop is available both Live online/webinar and in person group sessions.


Investment:  £95.00


Book your place online




This training is fresh, new and inspiring.


This NEW course and material written by Silvia Hartmann is logical, easy and fun to use, yet uses completely different ways to reverse stress.


This course is available to established EFT Master Practitioners only  -  It will give you the tools to facilitate your own MSM workshops which are available to everyone.


 You will discover:  

  • Fun exercises to raise your energy instantly
  • Your influential bubbles and relationships
  • Personal stress warnings
  • Individualised stress management plans - design specifically for you, individuals or groups
  • Personal energy boosts
  • What your future aspect can do for your energy system right now.


 My first experience of delivering some of these exercises to a small group - enabled one of the participants to re-write her 5 year goal plan to include creative writing - something that she said that she did not have the confidence to consider prior to this session.  Everyone took something from the workshop and had lots of FUN along the way!

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