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Classes provide a safe environment for you.cropped-File-14-06-2016-13-19-04.pngChange starts from the inside. 


We all would like to feel good in ourselves,; physical wellbeing, mental clarity and emotional freedom.


Workshops or classes can gently awaken our awareness, and be the start of our own inner journey of self discovery.

Personal Sessions

Personal sessions are About YOU.  cropped-File-14-06-2016-13-19-04.png

They can include Coaching and / or therapy. 


Every personal session is designed by focusing on YOUR Treatment  needs.


In the first instance Contact me for a free Chat to discuss how we can work together.


Self Help



With the tools that you need. 


Tools & techniques to enable you to help yourself in reducing stress, anxiety, and fears.


Rebalancing your self as a whole to increase your overall feelings of wellbeing.

All You Need - In One Place


Self discovery is a life long journey with moments of opportunity to delve deeper and deeper as the years go on.


Being true to yourself, activating your inner strength, self-belief and feeling "ok" with yourself is an amazing place to start to create the life you really want.

Inner journey involves workshops and study groups and classes that gently awaken our consciousness to the concepts of change and transformation and enable us to start weeding out some of the things that we are now ready to release.


Classes include topics such as:

The Magic in Believing in Yourself, Money Money - Your prosperity & Abundance, Criticism vs acceptance, Your mind is amazing, say Yes to your dreams and Law of Attraction.

Other classes may include Reiki, EFT (Tapping), Stress Management and Flower Essences.

Working together

Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions are personalised to you and your needs and we intuitively use a range of solution-focused techniques that will be beneficial to you; as opposed to making you fit any specific type of therapy or coaching style.


Whether you want to find your purpose in life, fill that “missing something” or release past traumas and negative challenges that have you ”stuck” and unable to move forwards - The common denominator in all of this is the willingness to change.


Identifying where your life is now, where you want to go and what’s stopping you from getting there. Its being empowered to be able to create the freedom so that you can make your own choices.


Personal sessions enable us to work together in a gentle and nourishing way to help you achieve the goals that you want for yourself.

Self Help

Life can be hard at times; the pressures and stresses of life have definitely increased starting from a younger age too. More homework from schooling, more expectations on output from work and the knock on effect that this can have on relationships, families and even further circles of our lives.


The Self-help trainings available give you the tools that can help release day-to-day stresses, anxieties and can really help us to rebalance our lives contributing to our overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

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