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Classes provide a safe environment for you.cropped-File-14-06-2016-13-19-04.pngChange starts from the inside. 


We all would like to feel good in ourselves,; physical wellbeing, mental clarity and emotional freedom.


Workshops or classes can gently awaken our awareness, and be the start of our own inner journey of self discovery.

Personal Sessions

Personal sessions are About YOU.  cropped-File-14-06-2016-13-19-04.png

They can include Coaching and / or therapy. 


Every personal session is designed by focusing on YOUR Treatment  needs.


In the first instance Contact me for a free Chat to discuss how we can work together.


Self Help



With the tools that you need. 


Tools & techniques to enable you to help yourself in reducing stress, anxiety, and fears.


Rebalancing your self as a whole to increase your overall feelings of wellbeing.

All You Need - In One Place


Self discovery can be a life long journey with moments of opportunity to delve deeper and deeper as the years go on.

Being true to yourself, activating your inner strength, self-belief and feeling "ok" with yourself is an amazing place to start to create the life you really want.

We have an ongoing self development community group that runs monthly in Brigg.  This monthly class (3 hours each class) gives us the space and safety to work together on a journey of self discovery; the process being shared and and yet each of our journeys being so individual. It is a space that enables us to connect with other like minded people, to discuss, to share, to explore and to support - one complete circle that connects each of us together uniquely and completely.

New to 2018 we have an additional bi-monthly class that explores ourselves through journalling and creativity using both mandalas and art journalling.

May will be the start of our pathfinders class  - this is a 10 session course that will run fortnightly that will guide us through our pathway of discovery.

It will start from where we are now - maybe still lost or feeling like we are in wilderness,  maybe in the darkness of our own fears and limitations -

We will explore, discover and release, we will identify our own unique selves, recognising our good and our authenticity and as we proceed along our pathway, stepping through our vulnerabilities, we will aim to be able to step out and be present as our ourselves, beautiful, shining and true.  (This group will run with the same group members through out the course)  for more details Click here

Online classes continue with our introduction to mindful living as well as the formal mindfulness course. Further self help courses to include the Magic of Believing in yourself, taming your inner critic and building confidence.

2018 will also have the opportunity of two retreats to delve deeper into the above work in a residential setting and you can also discover the benefits of mindfulness meditations.

Other one off workshops also include exploring flower and environmental essences - these are great way to support your emotions.

Working together

Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions are personalised to you and your needs and we intuitively use a range of solution-focused techniques that will be beneficial to you; as opposed to making you fit any specific type of therapy or coaching style.


Whether you want to fill that “missing something”, or release past negative challenges that may have you ”stuck” and are limiting how you move forwards or to be curious as to where your life path is taking you.... The essential ingredient to where ever you currently are on your life journey is that you are wanting to explore and transform your life.

To be able to dig deep and be able to really listen to your heart - to discover what you really want for yourself not what you think you should do to fit in or please others -

The common denominator in all of this is the willingness to change.


Its all about being empowered to be able to create the freedom so that you can make your own choices. It about having the safe place and support in a contained yet completely free way to be able to experience the buried emotions, to express how you really feel without any fear of being judged, feeling inadequate in any way or creating any blame, guilt or shame along the way.


Walking this journey together enables us to work  in a gentle and nourishing way to help you achieve the goals that you want for yourself. To find you under those layers of armour and proudly step out and be the true you - your magnificent authentic self.

Self Help

Life can be hard at times; the pressures and stresses of life have definitely increased starting from a younger age too. More homework from schooling, more expectations on output from work and the knock on effect that this can have on relationships, families and even further circles of our lives.


The Self-help trainings available give you the tools that can help release day-to-day stresses, anxieties and can really help us to rebalance our lives contributing to our overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing.


These include some foundation training, so that you can apply self treatments, such as Reiki or EFT and some online courses for you to complete including meditation courses and mindfulness courses to teach you how to bring these into your life on a  regular basis.

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