Seeing the beauty behind the eyes

Ive have recently been listening to Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach  – both of which I love listening too.

One of the podcasts that I have listened to is called seeing the goodness – and talks about how we cultivate loving kindness and one way is to see the beauty behind the eyes of each person…..

Just think about that for a moment – what a world we would live in, if we could actually spend a moment to find that beauty – how differently we would speak to each other, how differently we would listen to each other…….  and a good place to start would of course be ourselves…. the next time you go to the mirror, in the bathroom, removing or putting on make up – or what ever the next time may be for you….. instead of the critical judgemental comments that run in the background….. stop and find the beauty in you – the beauty behind your own eyes…. imagine the self compassion and self love that this could develop……

One of the stories on this podcast really touched me:

It tells of a teacher who had 31 pupils in her class – all around ages of approx 10/11 and they were evidently losing interest in class one day – so she wrote each of their names on the board and asked them to write these down – one under the other….

She then asked them to find something good about that person – something inspiring – something to be in awe of and write it down next to their name… at the end, she had them all hand in their lists to her and she gathered them up.

A few months later, the last day before breaking up for summer holidays – she presented each person with a piece of paper with their name on the top and each of those 31 comments that had carefully been cut out and stuck onto their own page… a page of beautiful comments.

Years later, she received a call from one of those pupils mothers – her son had been killed in action ( serving in the military) and she wanted to invite her to come to the memorial.  She remembered him well, and attended with pride.

After the memorial, the mother told the teacher that her son did not have many artefacts on him when he was found – but one of the things that he did have was his page from school with all the comments – the mother said that he carried this with him everywhere.


Something that had been written from the heart, had a meaningful and significant impact on all of these young lives ... Click To Tweet


Some of his old school friends were also attending and on over hearing this conversation, one of the girls, stated that she always carried it on her and produced her list from her purse, another guy produced his from his jacket pocket and a third stated that she had it woven into her wedding dress and used as part of her wedding vows.




Something, that was in essence an exercise, had been written from the heart and had a meaningful and significant impact on all of these young lives …

When you think back to your first compliment, your first praise, your first comments that makes you well up inside….. what was that for you? and how do you treasure that in your heart?


Till next time


Maria ~♥~


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