Saying Yes to Life

Say Yes to Life and Say Yes to your Dreams

What stops you saying Yes to life?  What stops you from showing up in life as you true authentic self?

When we uncover the multiple layers that we have wrapped ourselves up in over the years; the protective layers, the armour, the fears, the doubts, the worries, the anxieties, the shames and blames…..

When we take all of the layers off – then we reveal who we really are… (remembering who we are – read more)

And we all have life experiences – we all have the wave of rises and falls – and thats one of the wonders that life has to offer.   It gives us the opportunity to experience.  To experience every emotion, to feel, to hurt, to laugh, to cry and to love…..

I have been listening to Marianne Williamson recently and she talks about the fact that we all move through life so fast, that we no longer give ourselves time to reflect.

We often feel the need to respond to everything so quickly without giving ourselves the opportunity to reflect on things.  To think about how we want to reply. This of course has been encouraged through social media, texting and generally the movement of life.



This has a real impact on us – its often stated that we are in a blame culture. And without self reflection, thats an easy way of dismissing and being in denial of the real issues that are presenting themselves.

The real issues of the part that we played in any one situation.

Maybe it was our attitude towards something or someone, or the words that we used or even how we have almost dismissed someone else’s anguish as we did not know how to handle it.

Often it is our thoughts, feelings and behaviours that leave us awake at night pondering a situation, ruminating and creating agonies that are not even fact – are really just an illusion.

Recognising this, not in a victim role, but as a way of acknowledging, learning and transforming;  gives you the chance to reset your thoughts and to continue contributing to life – your life…

Say YES to living and this is an important factor as it increases our capacity and strength not to sit in the agony/ anguish but to move through and beyond this.


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When we do say YES to life…. when we see a new venture on what ever part of your life that may be – a new love, a new home, a new hobby – the excitement that runs through us gives us a huge surge of energy.

It seems that everything we touch – simply goes our way – we notice colours more brightly, people around us smiling and being content, the sun even seems to shine more – or maybe we notice the birds singing that maybe we had missed before….

When we say YES to life – life really does say YES back to us too.



When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project,

all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations,

your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.

Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a

greater person by far than you even dreamed yourself to be.

~Patanjali (1st– 3rdcentury, B.C.)



When we start saying YES to life – we are also saying YES to ourselves.


The easiest way to start saying YES is to start accepting yourself just the way you are – not when x y or z happens and to start to love yourself.  In the presence of love – miracles happen naturally.

In the presence of love,  just like that new love, or hobby or home etc. The energy surge expands to your entire life and you no longer feel so bad about yourself.  Maybe you can show up in the world – maybe you will be good enough…!!!

Life starts giving you your possibilities.  Life starts to be rosier and rosier and as you step forward and says YES. Life gives that back to you in abundance.

So Start saying YES to life – Start saying YES to YOU!


Till next time

Be gentle with yourself

and be YOU!

With Love

Maria ~♥~


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