a journey starts with gentle steps

This weeks musings discuss around self care.  it invites you to explore how you want to show up in the world, how do you nourish your soul, what does self care mean to you?

A short talk about the importance of loving ourselves and how it is our responsibility to do so. Responsibility being the ability to respond lovingly.

Whilst researching for my abundance class this afternoon - i came across a couple of pieces from authors about scarcity and how this affects how we think.
Interesting food for thought!

Change starts from the inside. How deserving we feel and our beliefs around this can impact greatly on are own self worth and creating the life that we want. Explore a couple of questions about your perceptions of your own derservability and enjoy a Louise Hay treatment

To Be Wonderful

A Poem by Shiloh Sophia

The breath....

so important and yet so forgotten

Enjoy this mindful pause...

using breath to anchor the moment

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