Resolutions from within


Have you made any New years resolutions?  Are you a person who does? And do you stick to them?

There is almost an expectation that a New Years resolution should be made and usually the action we resolute to take is entrenched with guilt, shame and blame…. diets, alcohol, smoking, get fit, stop this ..stop that…

All the nasty little habits that we have – all the bits that we judge and dislike…….


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And with that in mind – is it any wonder that we often fail these commitments…. are they even commitments to ourselves or what we think we should do to please others?


I was one of the above people for many years!  Did it bring me pleasure….. NO! it did not!

Hearts Desires

What would make you happy, filled with joy?  Sounds a relatively easy question – but do you really know?  What springs to your mind – Is it that holiday? or a new car? really?


Would  you truly be happy when you get x y or z – or is that a momentary happiness until something else shiny and new gets your attention?

Often it’s what’s deeper that really gives us the richness and abundance in life.


Inner richness


Abundance, pretty much like law of attraction – happens all of the time – whether it is an abundance of enough or an abundance of lack of – it’s still happening and still there – day in day out. What do you notice about yourself; when you think of the happiness within or the joy – how does that rate within you or do you feel a lack?

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So as you make your intentions for 2019 – if your can, give yourself a little quietness to hear your hearts desires…. Take time for contemplation…. What is it really that you want in your life that would make your heart sing?

Singing your hearts song


What would make you so rich and abundant from within?

Happy New Year to you

Be gentle with yourself


Be Kind, Always

Maria x


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