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By Me.


Do you remember who you are? Who you really are? Or what makes your heart and soul sing?


My journey started many years ago; well I would go as far as to say that all of our journeys start at the moment of conception, this journey that we are currently living, our journey of life. My journey that started much later is my journey of self-discovery.


The very early years of our life journey, as we start to explore, we learn to adapt to our surroundings, our family and peers and we learn very quickly to mold ourselves to enable us to feel like we belong and to feel safe.


During the intricate years of teenager and early adult, we follow the crowd, so that we can be part of that crowd. Wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music, using the right language and so on. Often cringe worthy thoughts in our later years.

Moving on…

Our next chapter often (not always) sees us with our security making tribe, our family, our children,  our home, our friends and community circles;  all developing safety, belonging and acceptance.


Then later, we can get to a place in life where dissatisfaction creeps in, we can lose our way.  It may be at a time when our children fly off from our nest, leaving us bereft and lost and suddenly we have a need to fill a void or it may just happen without a specific trigger.


Initially, there may be thoughts of there must be more or contemplating the meaning of life.  Then, it may intensify to feelings of distraction, there’s something missing, this can’t be all there is.  On the surface you may have the perfect life – yet this niggling seems to be just getting louder and louder.  Even the elements of your life that you always cherished, no longer seem to hold the same fulfillment for you.


So the questioning starts, however the only way to really know the answers, is to look within.  A simple question of what do I need to give myself right now that would make me feel alive; initially I was unable to answer this question and I find that this is true with lots of people.


We can spend so many years adapting ourselves to fit in and belong.  Then spend the next chapter of our life caring for, worrying about and spending every ounce of energy to ensure that our loved ones needs are cared for, that knowing our needs can feel like a distant memory.


I believe that self-discovery work; getting to know yourself (warts and all), learning what your unmet needs are, what your heart yearns for and what your truth is, enables you to start living a life that will make you feel really alive and connected with yourself.  Learning that your needs matter, that you matter and discovering ways to care for yourself enriches your life with an inner peace and tranquility that you deserve.


Next months article will be out soon…


Be gentle with yourself

Be kind always

Best Wishes



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