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Personal Sessions - designed with YOU in mind

Chi-Ki Holistic Health
Chi-Ki Holistic Health

Coaching & Treatments 1-1

All sessions are delivered with a heart centered approach that puts YOU at the core of every action.

To achieve this; we work  together to identify a tailored treatment plan using one or a number of different coaching styles and treatment modalities.

Change your Life

Making changes to how we feel always starts from within. Sometimes all it takes is true acceptance or a change of attitude around something (easier said than done) and at other times it requires a physical action. Either way being gentle with ourselves in the process, being kind and compassionate makes the journey more achievable

Your Wellbeing

Feeling well in yourself on every level makes big differences in our

lives.  Feeling light and free allows us to really be alive.

Practicing our self-care skills is an ongoing requirement and a

necessity for our optimal wellbeing.

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Coaching is for anyone that wants to make changes in their lives or just feel that they want to “move forwards”

Each and everyone; irrespective of where on that journey line you currently are, wanting the gentle guiding support, to be held in the safe exploratory space that coaching has to offer.

My role in this maybe one or more of the following;

+ One small part of your journey to clear debilitating beliefs, feelings of guilt, shame or blame

+ To gain personal insight and awareness

+ "Find out the real reason for your perfectionistisms"

+ To help you to remember who your are - your authentic self.

+ To learn how to really love and accept yourself, just the way that you are.

+ Your journey over an extended period of time, possibly years intermittently.

+ To learn how to Dare to be you

This list could go on and on and on.......

In the first instance, contact me for a brief FREE consultation so that we can discuss how we can work together.

Coaching Kind Words

A recent testimonial received following Coaching. 

I was sooo lucky to have Maria as a coach. She has the ability to listen and to allow you the space to express your thoughts fully and honestly while paying attention for signs of possible ways through difficult situations constructively. She is able to look for the positive in a situation and to find practical tools for dealing with it. She is lovingly kind and supportive, and I am very grateful for her patience and generosity of spirit. You are a shining star Maria ! Xx

Chi Ki
Chi-Ki Holistic Health

Do you feel like something is missing out of your life?

Do you suppress who you really are - just to fit in?

Do you find yourself needing validation from others to feel OK about yourself?

What do you feel you deserve in life?

Do you feel that your life is out of balance?

Do you fear opening the door to your vulnerabilities because you don't know if you will be able to stop?

Do you want to achieve greater self-acceptance?

Do you want to express YOU more?

Can you remember who you are?

Do you have a sense of your life purpose?

Do you have a deep calling to do something in your life, but don't seem to be able to get there? 

What fears are  holding you back from your life success?


It doesn’t matter where you currently are on your journey….


The common ground is:

a willingness to make the changes

that you want to make.


Often this self journey starts with feelings of dis-satisfaction, distraction, or asking questions like "Why am I here"? " What is life all about" or "There must be more to life"!

These thoughts are all simply trying to get your attention...  trying to focus your attention to where it needs to be..... on you - the true you - the one that you may have buried many years ago and now needs to be re-explored.

We learn at an early age, when the need for safety and a sense of belonging overshadows our need to be true to ourselves - how to respond so that we can fit in and feel safe - we learn how to make others happy, we learn how to or not to respond - so we don't get a negative response - we learn how to fit in.....


Is now, your time to reconnect with yourself?  

Is now your time - to remember who you are?


Make contact for a FREE consultation

I believe that we could all be more kind to ourselves, more compassionate and more loving.


In addition to coaching, there are a number of ways that you can be supported through difficult periods or to continue on your heart journey of self discovery.


Flower essences offer immense support on various aspects of life – these can be combined specifically for you.


Meditation & Mindfulness recordings are available to purchase to help your ongoing practice.

These can also be recorded on a bespoke basis for your needs.


Self-help courses are available to teach you  how to use and integrate the skills of Mindful Living, EFT and Reiki into your life.


Book studies are all offered - check out our events for more information


These are all techniques that can add and enhance your wellbeing.


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