a journey starts with gentle steps


A Coaching Circle for inner discoveries

This programme is designed to take us on a journey from where we are now, through to being comfortable and confident whilst being able to present ourselves in our truth and authenticity .

16 journal chapters - 10 deeper explorative sessions

This is a pilgrimage!  (Based on Heather Pletts Pathfinder)

"Sometimes on that pilgrimage, you feel completely lost and very much alone.
There are many ways to feel lost.

Maybe restless or dissatisfied or feeling like you are not leading your life the way that you would like to lead it.

Or perhaps you don't know what it is - you just know that there must be more for you.

This program will help you navigate your way along this pilgrimage to your true path, where you can live wholeheartedly - and true to yourself."

- Heather Plett


This course is deep, thought provoking and can be challenging!  

We will connect in person to explore each chapter on our online zoom community , for 10 sessions, where we will be safe, supported and able to discuss and share our experiences, our thoughts, our fears as well as our gifts, talents and attributes.  


We will take this journey together - step by step - although the journey for each of us will be very individual - together we can be supported within the rim of our circle in the knowledge that each of us will be invited to share our thoughts, questions and wisdoms,(for those that wish to) - each of us will be learning together, each of us supportive of each other and in doing this, this create our community , our connection, our heart tribe.


The journey we take will be one of discoveries. It will be deep enough and challenging enough to experience and release stuck emotions as well as to open our heart and hear our inner wisdom to lead us and guide us away from our current limitations.

Each step of the journey we will uncover our incredible gifts that we have to offer.

Each step of the journey we will weed out the elements that we can let go and move on from.

Each step of the journey we can allow our true essence to radiate our as we grow in our bravery to reveal ourselves to us and then our world.

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Chapter One:  Beginning the Journey

Chapter Two: Journey to the bottom of the U

Chapter Three:  Cutting up the Map

Chapter Four:  Navigating in the Dark

Chapter Five:  Releasing

Chapter Six:  Wandering

Chapter Seven:   A Basket of Courage

Chapter Eight:  What do you Value?

Chapter Nine:  What Song are you meant to Sing?

Chapter Ten:  Your Wounds

Chapter Eleven:  The Path to your Island

Chapter Twelve:  Your Gifts

Chapter Thirteen:  Your Circle of Grace

Chapter Fourteen:  Putting it all together

Chapter Fifteen:  Speaking it out loud

Chapter Sixteen:  Stepping into the Path

We are also planning for Heather Plett to attend one of our monthly circles for a Questions and Answers session.

For those of you who live close enough we will also have some outings through the year including a visit to a labyrinth and a Japanese garden.


These are themed each month from Self Worth to Compassion, Holding Space and Self Care. The questions will give us an opportunity of exploring our own self care practices, our views, other peoples’ perspectives
and remind us of our wisdoms.

These circles will be held via our online community (zoom) 

Chi-Ki Holistic Health

The investment of this entire course is just £175 

This includes:

Your journal - all 10 sessions - any additional handouts  - information and recordings
(The cost of the additional outings will be extra)

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Questions about getting started?
Drop us a line to find out more!


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