Notes of Nature…….

This week saw our baby blackbirds fledge and two out of the three are currently roosting in our garden too!

I am a little bit like a highly strung granny making sure they are all safe – jumping up every time the adults start squawking just in case there is a cat around and they may get hurt!


But watching the babies, the adults and the other birds around them is absolutely heart-warming and fascinating.

Exploring things for the very first time – noticing how they respond to different textures, finding water and nearly falling in – a starling feeding one of the young blackbirds as he runs up to him and asks for food ♥

We have a lot to learn from nature……

The natural kindness shown with the tireless feeding, even when not one of their own, the excitement and trepidation of exploring the garden and touching and feeling things for the first time and the total trust in the parents even when they look on from a far.

I watched a baby blackbird sat in a pot of lavender – watching a sparrow nibbling off the leaves in the pot next to him and copying in his own pot – finding that the spiky leaves of the lavender not what he was expecting and dropping back in to the pot….. re looking at it and poking it around with his baby unformed beak……

Then a couple of bleets and a few moments later Dad arrives with food….. all happy again


Beautiful, gentle, caring, loving and comforting………………

Till next time

Maria ~♥~

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