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What are the benefits of Minfulness?

Clearer & Calmer Mind, improved memory & focus
Less anxiety, anger and increased wellbeing
More relaxed, Improved immune system and sleep

Mindfulness is a practice, which cultivates a self-kindness and compassion, awareness, acceptance, gratitude and gentleness.

It is not letting go or trying to do this or that….its about doing nothing…to not try…to just be accepting of what is and know that this is exactly as it should be right now…the perfect imperfectness of now and in this time and space.



"In Asian languages, the word for 'mind' and the word for 'heart' are same. So if you're not hearing mindfulness in some deep way as heartfulness, you're not really understanding it. Compassion and kindness towards oneself are intrinsically woven into it. You could think of mindfulness as wise and affectionate attention". Jon Kabat-Zinn.



"Mindfulness has helped me succeed in almost every dimension of my life. By stopping regularly to look inward and become aware of my mental state, I stay connected to the source of my actions and thoughts and can guide them with considerably more intention". Dustin Moskovitz

Mindfulness courses are available as both 4 week and 8 week formats


The four weeks enables you to experience exercises and practices to start cultivating a mental state to become more aware and live in the present moment instead of automatic pilot, the past or the future. It enables us to start acknowledging our thoughts, feelings and sensations whilst cultivating a kindness and compassion for others and ourselves. It enables us to start being able to observe and reflect, giving us a different perspective and options to deal with challenges in all aspects of life.


The 8 week course expands and deepens on this learning and your practice and brings us to a whole concept of acceptance, allowance and letting be.


“Acceptance is seeing with your heart and not your eyes”

8 week course of Mindfulness
delivered directly to your inbox each week (links to Dropbox)
Intro short meditations, weekly focus information, exercises, worksheets, and Practise meditations
Work to your own pace - listen to the recordings over and over again


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