Logically – we don’t need to keep hold of old pain!

I became intrigued with a technique called OldPain2Go which turns off old pain on the proviso that we no longer need it.

Really?  Yes that was my thought too.  I have followed this for a while and actually it makes perfect sense.

Pain on all levels is simply a feedback from our body to let us know that something is wrong – and we know this from the mind body connection, energy work, heal your life® work and many more too. …….So far so good….

So, the job of pain is simply to let us know that there is something wrong - something that needs to be looked at. Click To Tweet

So, the job of pain is simply to let us know that there is something wrong – something that needs to be looked at


So once this message has been sent and we have acknowledged this……. there is no need for that pain to be there……

hmmmmmm (ponder) ……  

YES agree to this too!

By allowing this pain to go once it is no longer needed – it enables us to interpret new pain more accurately – as in it gives us the correct message that something new is going on – or something maybe has degenerated a little more and either way this needs our renewed attention.

SO – the big question is – so why does a body not just do this?

Well sometimes it does –

Sometimes it gives us that shock pain and disappears instantly… the message to remove your hand away from heat for instance…

Our sub or un conscious mind runs our body and does a fantastic job of it. It is programmed to keep us safe, to make things as good for us as it can.

Remember, this is the part of the brain that controls our breathing, our metabolism, our autonomic nervous system….. all of the functions of each organ, cell and tissue that tirelessly and so perfectly just continually work in the background, as well as adjusting to environments and situations as we require it to do so….. All in the background…. it just happens!

Now, if for any reason by removing the pain it (the sub/un conscious mind) thinks that you are going to put to much pressure on an injured point or try to do too much in one go – its natural instinct is to protect you and enable you to heal…. therefore, by keeping you in pain it can debilitate you and ensure you have the rest that is required – for that part of your body anyway…..

Intriguing stuff..!!

And of course there are also all the metaphysical reasons for having this pain too… the fears, the secondary gains….!

So after reading with interest and intrique for a number of months – I contacted the creator Steven Blake to request to learn this technique for myself.

This training was mind blowing…..

We were provided with the theory for the first part of the course… a demonstration was then undertaken with a complete stranger who had applied to be a volunteer for the day.

He was in his 70’s and tendering an old rugby injury that continually provided him pain anything from a  2/10 – 8/10 on a daily basis.  He was accommodating but sceptical at the same time.  Within approx 20 minutes he was pain free!  He was as shocked as we (us trainees) were.

Wow! wow! wow!

The afternoon, we, as students were provided with a constant stream of volunteers and our first “guinea pigs” to try out our newly learnt technique.  One by one each person (except for one) stated at the end of their treatment that they were pain free.  The biggest thrill was the look of disbelief on their faces which then quickly turned into joy and a couple of tears.

My stand out volunteer of the day was a lady who became totally pain free who had a tumour and had been in chronic pain for the last three years. She initially took a little longer to work with, but the results were amazing.

The lady who did not leave completely pain free – her pain was reduced from 8/10 – 2/10 and for whatever reason when treating her – there was clear indication that she was not ready to let go off all of her pain and the reasons for this were indicated as non medical.  However she was delighted at the level of pain reduction.

This process is so effective, simple and accessible – I really believe that no one need be in constant pain. 

There are currently approx 15 trained OldPain2Go practitioners in the world and a number of these (myself included) offer a number of free clinics per year (all that is asked for is a testimonial at the end)  to make this accessible for everyone and to spread the word.

Steven really has made this process so logical, so simple and uncomplicated that it makes it accessible for everyone.

For more information on this technique; please visit the dedicated website which will give you more information, a video to watch the process and details how you too could be trained to share this technique with others.  CLICK HERE


Lastly, if you would like to be added on to my waiting list for a free clinic or would like to book in for your own 1-1 session – please do contact me, I would be delighted to hear from you.






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  1. Graham on January 20, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Anyone suffering with daily pain, give this a go. Contact Maria Maria Chi-Ki I have recently had this therapy and had my first pain free night for 12 months. I fully recommend.

  2. Tony on January 27, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    I’ve suffered with sciatica for quite a while now and had a chance to see Maria (Chi-Ki) – she said she could alleviate my pain – I didn’t believe her!

    Even though I am a complete sceptic, I said I would give it a go.
    I have been pain free since the treatment.

    I would highly recommend that you give this treatment a try.

  3. Ela on February 5, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Had a session with Maria and experienced a reduction in pain. Well worth a try.
    I had 3 areas of pain in my feet. One area did not seem to react but the other two went from a pain level of 8/10 to around 2/10. Well needed relief.
    Give it go!

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