Life really can be fast… too fast!


I wanted to share this story with you…..

I have been working with someone recently to try and reduce stress and anxieties. Some of the practices within that have been to mindfully slow down and become aware, observe and get curious with everything thats around them.

So, as you can imagine, I have been getting regular updates and the changes within awareness have been amazing. This has been from detailed descriptions of a blade of grass to the sounds of birds singing in the trees.






Then today I was talking to someone who mentioned something very similar.  He told me about going for a walk each day near a brook – and for the first time he actually heard the brook babbling.

He went on to say how loud this sound to the level that he could hear little else. he said that he  appreciated that it must have always been this loud and always been there.  And that it is he who has changed, not the brook.





Getting caught up in life

Sometimes we are running so much in life that we miss the point. We are unable to see or hear what is in front of us.

Always planning – always running….


Slowing down even for a few minutes a day has many benefits.

See if this weekend – you can study something – or listen to something with a thirst or hunger to know every little detail about it.

Challenge your mind and body to get curious.

Observe – breathe – notice and become aware.

Try it for a few minutes this weekend.

You may surprise yourself




Be gentle with yourself

be Kind Always

Best wishes

Maria ~♥~


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