How do you show yourself Compassion?

We are all very good at endeavouring to be kind to others, to hold others in understanding, to be gentle and nurturing but for what ever reasons – when it comes to doing this for ourselves – we are not not so good!

That hard task master – the perfectionist – the nothing is ever good mode comes out way too frequently!

But you know, its only what we have inside of ourselves that we can give to others – our vessel has to be filled first.

There is lots of information about self-care these days – but sometimes, although in words it feels such a definite need in action –  it can still feel selfish – putting your own needs first – it so ingrained to feel “its not all about you! / me”


“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.” ~ Parker Palmer


Ask yourself the question – “What can I do for me right now that will make me feel good” – or nourished or cared for? (use the words that feel comfortable and right for you)


This could be two minutes of pause – it could be sitting down and having a cuppa – it could be booking yourself a foot massage (I have no idea why I said foot massage – I cant think of anything worse! ) – it could be picking the phone up and talking to your friend, your sister, your mother………


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Two challenges for you today

  1. see if you can do something just for you today
  2. If you hear yourself being hard on yourself or criticising yourself – stop, pause and think how you would respond to someone you cared about…… soften, be kind, be gentle to you.

And if you have time – try journalling on the title – how do I show myself compassion? and see what comes up for you….


Do share your thoughts below ♥

Have a beautiful weekend

Much Love

Maria ~♥~


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