Wow theres a question!

Its not actual a random one – this question has been swirling around in my mind since I was invited to join a mindfulness community to reconnect to your trust  – the answer to the invitation was a huge fat yes! – it was led by some of the worlds leading experts – so there was no doubt!!

So,  after I made my commitment to this – the words reconnect to your trust starting playing around in my mind and then one thought to another – turning it inwards, as always –  do I trust myself?

hmmm – that really is a big question – because surely if I did – if we all did,  then the fears of life would not be there – there would be no fear of failure or not being good enough, no fears for our future, no fears around relationships – pleasing others – no fears to be authentic and stand up for exactly what you believe in…….

As Rhonda Britten quite rightly states that everyone has programmes of fears that run their lives that keep them stuck in one way shape of form…. no matter how much work you have done!   She says, that if you think you have done everything you need to do and you no longer have fears or limiting programmes running in your life….. you really are kidding yourself!


However these deep rooted fears don’t always play out as fear per se – quite often they present as staying in that relationship even though you know its not healthy, jumping from job to job because you cant settle – the inability to hold you focus on any one thing…. what are you running from?  Or not stepping forward – not really wanting to be seen – not wanting to be in focus – in the limelight – hiding behind others…..  BUT what are you really hiding from?

Those deep rooted fears….. checking in with our behaviours and beginning to understand what are real needs are and our fears around these can be a rewarding process that means you can start weeding out the fear and planting your new seeds – bit by bit…

And with those fears – depending on how prominent they are in life your life right now……. how does that effect how much you trust?


“…So about trust, you have so much trust already - you all know for example that when the Sun is out the stars are still there. We can't see them shining the way we can at night, but we don't worry that they're not there. We have… Click To Tweet


Trudy goodman says that to be able to relax the body and just be here –  We have to feel safe.  She says that  safety is the proximate cause for being able to concentrate, to quiet down, to calm down, to move into a little more stillness and in relation to trust she says that we always have our basic trust elements intact…….

“…So about trust, you have so much trust already – you all know for example that when the Sun is out the stars are still there. We can’t see them shining the way we can at night, but we don’t worry that they’re not there. We have this basic trust.” – Trudy Goodman

If you think about it, we do have an enormous amount of trust in our lives – we trust that there is always enough oxygen to breathe, we trust most of our survival needs – we trust that night will turn into day …… but what about our own selves – how much trust do you have in yourself?

I have found that as I have been connecting with this – in lots of different forms – I actually have more trust, and in myself, than my initial doubt gave me credit for……

Oh, there are also lots of life areas that my fears pop up and try to sabotage any trust I may have too!



However, having this opportunity to take the time to connect with this, bringing into my awareness these areas and the chance to raise my self trust and connection with my inner wisdoms ….. Is a fabulous and rewarding reminder ……… and another nudge to keep partaking in the woven tapestry of this lifelong inner journey………

Want to explore some of this for yourself – try connecting with your inner wisdoms via journalling – maybe ask the question of how your fears present themselves in your life and all the ways that you already show trust in yourself and your life…….


Till next time

Best wishes

Maria ~♥~

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