Working in circle groups can be both exhilarating and debilitating….

They can be supportive, inspirational, motivational and there is something really reassuring about taking the same journey (in principal) as others and yet your journey is very much your own.

The debilitating factors can be around not truly getting in deep enough to yourself – resisting to show your emotions that you keep locked away – not diving in deep enough for anything to appear messy or to feel that chaos around you….

However I think it stands to reason that to make the real changes we have to step into our emotions – or step into our Arena as Brene Brown puts it and show up as real and authentic as we can – stripped down without our usual armour – with all our fears and vulnerablities and lets be right that takes courage!!

My finding is that even when we resist our own depths – avoid the work that feels uncomfortable, that feels awkward , that feels painful….. it still has a way of showing up when we least want it to be there if we don’t consciously step into it – feel it and release it….. it reappears – and re appears – every time a gift of an opportunity to step into it….

I know that this is something that I can find hard – when the emotions are deep rooted and I know it has potential to get messy – this is the most vital time to dive in and yet its the hardest.

I have recently read a quote (but it din”t give the author) – it said that –  The most important choice that you have to make is to choose what is important.


The most important choice that you have to make is to choose what is important. Click To Tweet


And one of our top priorities should always be us.  ME.  Taking the time with the right support to step into emotions, feel the sensations and finding out what that brings to the surface.  Giving ourselves permission to release along the way the bits that we don’t actually need anymore.

This can be alikened to the caterpillar – surrending itself and everything that it has been to this point – potentially friends, relationships or elements of its life – knowing that to be free to be able to fly it must surrender everything without actually knowing what transformation will look like –  It has faith that it will fly and be free – but that is it  – just innate wisdom and faith – there are no guarantees – none except you cannot go backwards – once transformation starts it is a process of change……


And we have to employ that same trust.  To step  in and give ourselves permission to go right down into our depths – where the real soul work can begin.  We have to give ourselves permission to do this without really knowing what the outcome will be – who or what we may surrender along the way and then pause, wait and open ourselves to receive – making way for the elements of life that step us closer to our authentic selves – step us closer to our purpose.


We offer a monthly circle that provides the space to dive in and get messy – next year we will be running with the same group on the entire year program – so that we can unite and bond in our journeys – each one so different and yet each process the same ; includes – thinking – listening – discussing – journalling – creating life mandulas – but all with real meaning – with real purpose and with real support. Being motivated – connected – inspired and committed.


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