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"The only obligation we have in any lifetime is to be true to ourselves"

Richard Bach

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Your journey of life .... self discovery, connection and self care.

Chi Ki

a journey starts with gentle steps

Start Your Inner Journey of Self Discovery

All our work starts from the inside.

Exploring who we are; what we believe, our emotions and feelings, our thoughts as well as our limitations. Gently, bit by bit - discovering how we have evolved as a person and our needs, hopes and dreams  of today. 

Realising our sense of self-worth through our own connection and self-care and being comfortable and confident in being able to step forward in our own personal truth.

Remembering and recognising the fabulous authentic you.


Chi Ki


Finding your brave and having the courage to embrace your fears and vulnerabilities, safe in the knowledge that we will support your every step.  

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What people are saying

Chi-Ki Holistic Health

Thoughtful Words

EFT coaching feedback

Trainer: Maria is very gentle and funny, at no point did I feel uncomfortable with openly talking or sharing. Maria made the sessions very personal and supported me on my EFT learning.

Material: Reusable tools, self-helping methodology

Duration: 6 weeks, a good period of time to develop and experience the benefit of EFT

Comments: I would highly recommend this course to those wanting to make changes in their lives - Rita - Aberdeen

EMO training feedback

I found the training very practical and easy to relate to. As a trainer Maria was very adaptable with the course contents, she moulded the content of the course around my questions and I felt that I received a higher understanding and valuable insight into how I would apply this technique within my future service.

I found the content extremely interesting, especially so the events psychology section and aspects. It’s a very creative course, which opens up so many different avenues as how to apply the emo pattern.

I completely loved every minute of this course; it kept my attention from start to finish. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has the passion to reach out and help another. Extremely worth while! – Amy - Lincolnshire


"I enjoyed all of the course! The teacher, Maria is amazing! She puts you at ease immediately and makes learning this technique enjoyable and easy to understand.

Maria has a relaxed, friendly approach to teaching Reiki.  The course is broken down in to simple, informative and easy to manage chunks. Maria's friendly manner makes it easy asking any questions or queries you have about the technique.

The course manual is super helpful and very professionally put together. It gives great coverage about the technique, the history behind it and the practical aspect. A good reference and an interesting read. 

The course provided everything I needed to be able to effectively self heal myself. In my opinion the course has everything that you need to successfully learn the art of Reiki.

Reiki does require a level of commitment from yourself but the benefits you gain are enormous.


Without doubt, I would recommend this course to others; for anyone who an interest in alternative therapies, this offers a brilliant insight and the skills needed to begin self-healing"

L – Lincolnshire


I really enjoyed the trainings I attended (Positive EFT and Master Practitioner EFT) with Maria. 

Although the course programme and content was intense covering a 4 day period Maria infused the days with fun, variety and 'right on' focus. 

I left feeling confident and motivated concerning the potential of working with EFT and would like to endorse Maria's skills and experience as a Tutor in this field.

Louise Exeter – London

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Subscribe to our  JOURNEY NOTES NEWSLETTER, and download your FREE GIFT


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